Jiaxing Jucheng Chemical Co., ltd.
  N.N-Diethyl hydroxylamine(DEHA)
  Glutaric anhydride
  3-nitrobenzoic acid
  White glue
  Chord sequestering agent

Jiaxing Jucheng Chemical Co., ltd.

Founded in 1986, Jiaxing Jucheng Chemical Co., ltd. is located in the Xiucheng industrial zone in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. It is 70 km from Hangzhou, 80 km from Shanghai, next to the 07 national roadway and Shanghai-Hangzhou highway. The campus size is 13,000 sq. meters, with floorage at 4,700 sq. meters. It has 280 employees, among them 6 are senJiaxing Jucheng Chemical Co., ltd.ior engineers.

Since the establishment, the company is engaged in technical innovation, talents innovation and market innovation.Products include: P-hydroxybenzaldehyde, N.N-Diethyl hydroxylamine(DEHA), 1,3-Dimethylurea , Diprophylline, Glutaric anhydride, 3-nitrobenzoic acid , White glue, Chord sequestering agent .95% of our sulfochlorination products are exported to USA, Europe, S.Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. 

The company has solid technological strength and mature testing and analytical instruments. At present, the total volume of general purpose reaction vessels is 205 cu. meters, and the company has fair amount of buildings and land for further expansion. There are also 4 labs for product testing and development of new products. 

Mr. Zhu Jianhua, the present of the company, as well as the full staff, sincerely welcome businesses from all over the world for collaborative business relationship. Jucheng is more than willing to hold up an enterprise reaching to the world together with you.

Our Principle:mutual benefit, reciprocity, mutual advancement, mutual encourage